Denis Gill - founder of Ingenieurbüro Gill.

Consulting Engineer

Judicially accredited technical expert for internal combustion engines, fuel systems and alternative fuels.

Professional Experience:

May 2015 - Today Founder of Ingenieurbüro Gill.

Investigations for customers into possible fuel injection system failures including failure cause, recommendations for failure avoidance and improvements.

AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria

Oct 2001 - April 2015: Lead Engineer Fuel Systems.

Responsible for project management within Fuel Systems, leading projects for development of specifications for the fuel injection system on customer projects for both diesel and gasoline systems, assisting fuel system manufacturers in fuel system  and component development. Continued involvement in DME and consulting projects.

Participated in several 'Due Diligence' studies of fuel injection system suppliers and fuel injection component suppliers.

Author of various papers on fuel injection systems for both diesel and DME with presentations in Japan, India, USA, UK, France and Germany.

Awarded 24 Patents on various aspects of fuel injection systems for diesel and DME systems.

Co-organiser of I. Mech. E. Fuel Systems conferences between 2002 and 2015.

Invited panel speaker in discussions on Fuel Injection Systems for both DME and diesel fuel.

Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Sept 1996 - Oct 2001: Skill Team Leader Fuel Systems, Commercial Powertrain.

Continued responsibility for Fuel Systems Department as well as leading AVL's participation in the European AFforHD project (Alternative Fuel for Heavy Duty) with the engineering, design, testing and application of fuel injection equipment for DME in a Volvo truck.

Sept 1985 - Sept 1996: Manager Fuel Systems Test Department.

Responsible for team of engineers and technicians as well as workshop for measuring fuel system performance. Responsible for the development of the AVL in-house software HYDSIM, the hydraulic simulation program for calculating the hydraulic performance of fuel injection systems and other hydraulic systems.

Responsible for measurement and test of fuel injection systems for customer projects as well as specifying, ordering and procurement of equipment such as test benches, electro-erosive drilling machines for drilling spray holes in injector nozzle tips and fuel quantity measuring systems.

Responsible for the testing and fuel system work on DiMethyl Ether from 1993 onwards. Responsible for the assessment of appropriate definition and selection of fuel injection systems for use with DME.

Consultation and Information visits to England, Japan, USA, Korea, etc. to inform customers of developments and trends in fuel injection systems.

Feb 1983 - Aug 1985: Assistant Chief Engineer Fuel Systems.

Responsible for customer support in fuel system matters. Developed the first Bosch tube measurement systems at AVL for the measurement of injection rate.

Introduction of electronically controlled fuel injection systems to AVL and responsible for the first calibration of electronically controlled engines in AVL.

Introduction and selection of calibration systems to AVL. Training of calibration engineers.

Robert Bosch UK Ltd., Watford, UK

Nov 1977 - Jan 1983: Sales and Applications Engineer, Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

Perkins Engines Company, Peterborough, UK

Sept 1968 - Sept 1972: Student Apprentice

Sept 1972 - Oct 1977: Test Engineer - engine mechanical and performance testing, acoustics, test procedure development, component test

Graduate of Loughborough University of Technology.

Final Year Project: 'A digital computer program to calculate diesel fuel injection system performance'